Monday, September 28, 2009

"I know," he said.

So there's been this guy at work the whole time I've been there. Let's just call him Joe. Joe's a cute guy, in a brown-haired boy-next-door way. Lives at least an hour and 15 minutes away but said he likes where his kid goes to school so it's not worth moving any closer. Always speaks to people, always calls them by name. Because the nature of his job involves a lot of climbing in the ceiling, he can wear blue jeans every day and a polo type shirt. Honestly, his butt looks good in jeans. And like I said, he's super nice.

So the other day I'm coming in and he's going out and he stops me, shakes my hand and says he's gone. Got another job.

You're kidding?
You're kidding?

Seems he wasn't kidding. Had a good offer, our employer didn't counter, so he's on his way out. I told him I had worked for his new employer for 5 years and they head man was always very good to me, and I still have a few friends there.

Then I said, "So we're not co-workers anymore?"
He said, "No."
Then I said, "I hate to hear that. Because I'm gay, you're cute and I've enjoyed looking at you on the casino floor."
"I know," he said.
"How do you know?" I said.
"Because Angie told me one when when you walked by 'He thinks you're cute'."

So I promptly called Angie to relate the story to her and call her ugly names. She laughed. I laughed.

I'm gonna miss looking at him on the casino floor. Wistful sigh.

Friday, September 25, 2009

So a girl?

Email from MyFella: You are so the girl.. lol

The following was text you sent me... LOL

(Email from me, to MyFella, below)

I am totally excited.

Since I got a normal this weekend, I am going ahead and doing what I want to do, which is to try a hot stone massage. I mean, it’s all on the certificate, you know. So it’s fine to try something new.

Then Tuesday I am getting a pedicure. Last night I trimmed my toe nails just a little because they are kind of long. But you know I want to get my monies worth. So I didn’t trim them too much.

But I’m very excited. Very.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Big Day

is here. How funny that I started celebrating on Friday night, and it's carrying on for 4 solid days. But today I turn 40.

I had lunch with two best pals at our Second Annual luncheon downtown at the Arcade Restaurant. And tonight I'm going to the Orpheum with another best gal pal to see A Chorus Line.

A good day. Good times.

Partied, Drank, Loved like a man half my age.

I'm not even sure where to begin. I'm not even sure words can describe it.

So about six months ago, MyFella decided he wanted to throw me a party for my 40th. I (not too aggressively) tried to talk him out of it. Then decided that some of my friends won't make it another ten years! So we went forward.

We knew what room and restaurant we wanted to use. I decided to use Evite because I didn't trust Facebook groups, even the private ones, to not let comments bleed out. And since we were paying for dinner, we needed to manage the invitations.

MyFella started scanning pictures out of my photo albums and emailing my friends for pictures. He confirmed the room and the menu. One of my best friends confirmed a flight in from Arizona. Another confirmed a drive in from about 3 hours away, and yet another from 4. Locals promised to come.

Then the big day happens. And truly, to have known about the party, I could not have been more surprised.

The DVD that he and his niece made came very close to making me cry. (My sister in law reports that even her husband got a little misty eyed.) The room was full of a variety of friends. The buffet was delicious.

The two biggest surprises of the night? A gal I love so much was able to get off work on a Saturday night to come - and she serenaded me 3 songs by acoustical guitar. I was speechless. Floored.

The cake, which we had agreed would come from a W-M that does very good cakes, was home made and hand decorated as Wonder Woman.

I can't even tell you the energy that MyFella put into this party. I can't tell you the joy from so many friends. It was a phenomenal rush that is carrying me over for days now.