Friday, October 30, 2009

Just wondering

why I keep having dreams that I'm a cylon from the Battlestar Galactica universe.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Monday, October 12, 2009

Angola Prison Rodeo

So several months back, a friend of mine found a magazine article about a prison rodeo in Angola, Louisiana. It's like the 45th year, and it happens every Sunday in October. There's an outdoor arena that seats like 7,000 and has an inmate hobby crafts fair.

So guess where I went this weekend? Yep - Angola!

So it was to be a friends weekend, but I wanted to do a little more. So I talked MyFella into going with me to see my favorite aunt and uncle. So we were kind of close-ish down there. Sunday morning the whole gang is up and on the way to Angola.

Rain or shine. No cameras or cell phones. And I hate that!

Oh, there came such a rain on our way as you have not seen. Rain just pouring down in sheets. Rain, rain, rain. And us way out in Louisiana.

But we make it - and it's everything we hoped it would be.

Except our seats sucked. They didn't just suck, they were lousy. About one inch away from just beng a scam they called seats. If you call and they tell you all they have left is "ground" that means with a effin hand railing in your face. And by in your face, I mean you can choose to have it at your nose, or lean under it and have it at the back of your head. Scam. But we paid for them and there we were.

Of course MyFella could hang upside down to watch a rodeo. And watch he did. Every minute of it. I really spent most of my time looking at the prisoners ~ uh ~ I mean the crafts. But we both had a good time.

We did learn that Angola, Louisiana is a long, long way from home. And it's best to just plan to spend the night somewhere. Because you're late getting out of there and it's awfully dark. And a long way from home.

But it's definitely something we would do again.


Her: Mary Johnson just told me what you said to Bill hoping he was gay - bahah

Me: I think Mary Johnson just told a lie. I have NEVER mentioned being gay to Bill. Never

Her: She said - when Bill was gettin married- he said to u - I have something to tell you - and u said -- 'that ur gay?'-- and he laughed and thought u were halarious

Me: (sent before the one above came in and was read) Bill made some comments several years back to me about his ex-wife's aunt possibly being Lesbian and I knew then not to ever talk to him about it.

I love Bill but I never.

Her: I see - i know u can't stand the b-- I just have to work w her

Me: He told me he liked his wife's aunt but that if he ever found out she was lesbian he would keep his kids from her. 'course that was over a decade ago and those kids are grown now.

But he did call me one day before he married this wife and since I couldn't use my regular line "you're pregnant?" I could have gone with "your gay?" So my bad for joking with him. I certainly didn't mean to imply I was coming on to him.

So you can tell Mary that explains why I never heard from Bill again so I guess we weren't friends after all.

He'll be the first one I had to write off. His loss because I'm great.

Her: No - not that at all - she said he loves u and think ur halaious - I am sure decade old opinion is not the same anymore -- she said he thinks highly of u

Me: I find it hard to believe Mary Smith said a nice sincere word about anyone much less me.

Maybe I am wrong - I am sure it's possible the adult parent Mary Johnson is different from the Mary Smith girl I knew in high school.

Me: And yes, I probably need therapy. (Laughing out loud real big)

Her: She did - really

Her: Ha

Fine, fine, fine, fine, fine!

The "school nurse" (family nurse practicioner at the employee health clinic where I work) and I have had a tacit agreement for the past several appointments. She tells me I'm diabetic. I tell her I am pre-diabetic with some full diabetic tendencies. She tells me she wants me on metformin, and I tell her to wait. The last couple of A1C's were at a particular level and we kind of agreed if I would keep it there, we'd be o.k., she and I.

Well, today I get home and the lab results are in from the last test. It inched up one tenth.

The note said, "I'm ready to start low-dose Metformin whenever you are TO PREVENT OR AT LEAST REDUCE LONG TERM COMPLICATIONS OF DIABETES."

Well. Fine. Fine, fine, fine, fine, fine!

So I called the clinic and told them to fax a prescription to our mail order pharmacy, and "If they are at my house, I might CONSIDER taking them. But I'm not admitting to her that she's right."