Monday, June 7, 2010

"It was like 10 years ago"

or better titled "What he doesn't know would . . ."

I was out the other night. A friend from my hometown had texted that he'd be at a divey joint listening to a band. So I went out to meet him around 10p.m. The friend has recently helped me get a job and I thought it would be nice to hang out with him for a bit.

I've passed the joint dozens and dozens of times and never paid it any attention. It's small and clean and definitely a dive. The electricity was shot, so without air until the local power people came, the band didn't play and folks hung out outside.

One of the guys with my friend is a local to this big city and lives just a few miles away. In fact, he lives 4 doors down from my best friend G. I know this because when I decided to leave, this guy asks for a ride home. He was beyond drunk. And beyond annoyed at our mutual friend over typical bar drama. But anyway, I figured that given our similar ages and living location, we probably had some mutual friends in town and he seemed nice, if drunk. But really, he was just asking for a lift home and wasn't out of the way.

So we're in the car, stuck at the train tracks, when he rubs my leg and says, "Let's see it."

H.E.Double Hockey Sticks. Not 2 minutes have passed it seems like and drunk guy is hitting on me. I mean, I'm flattered and all, but really. No. I declined. I drove him to his house and dropped him off.

I'd like to think that even if I wasn't 40 and with a long time boyfriend that I would not be impressed with a stranger in my car saying "Let's see it." But certainly with a boyfriend, I'm not interested.

But it was a little funny, you know. It was a lot like when I moved to town . . . what 10, 11 years ago?

MyFella wouldn't get it at all. And he'd be ticked off to no end. But there's nothing to be ticked off about. Some guy hit on me and I declined. I hate to admit it, but there was the shortest moment when I was flattered (slightly, he was wasted after all) and it seemed like I was young again (for just a moment).

But that was 10 years ago.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Chick Filet

I don't understand the bizarre amount of traffic at the Chick Filet. It's been open at least 6 months now, if not a year. And the traffic is non stop. Part of it may seem non stop due to the weird traffic pattern the store was forced to create by the local heritage lovers to save a retaining wall from an old church building. But still, I can count, and the cars often are non stop around the building.

I decided to walk over and treat myself to lunch using a gift card, and every table in the room had customers and every cashier had a line. Bizarre.

But since I had nothing but time I went ahead and stayed. And for my patience, was rewarded with this beautiful sight in front of me. Pretty guy, great butt.

Thank you, Chick Filet.