Saturday, December 27, 2008

Clearly, as evidenced by the situation hours later, the concept of being sick or perhaps "catching up on my sleep" has a detrimental side effect.

At 3a.m., I am wide awake. At 5a.m., I have dozed off then woken back up with an odd dream from which it was best to wake.

Sigh. Shrug of the shoulder. What are ya to do?

Christmas Day

Christmas Day was a wonderful testimony to the nurse's conviction that I am border line diabetic. . . and that border line may be getting more and more thin.

At 6a.m., I began a series of very . . . disturbing trips to the bathroom. I'm sure they were related primarily to poor eating habits. But since my stomach was upset, I didn't want to aggrivate matters by eating further.

That's from the same guy who knows if he doesn't eat SOMETHING for breakfast (usually a turkey sandwich on whole wheat bread as I drive to work), that I feel "funny" by 9:30a.m. So at 11a.m. when I became incredibly weak and light heated, I walked to my parents spare room and practically passed out.

During the next 24 hours plus of extreme fatigue and constant sleeping, I determined such plausible reasons as second hand exposure to meth (don't ask, there's no where in my world where I could have come into contact with meth) and hepatitis (no, never turned yellow the least bit). There was also the possibility that I simply caught a 24 hour bug. Only in hindsight did I think it may be related to diabetes and my failure to eat anything at all, when I know good and well that 9:30a.m. is about as long as I can go.

Oh well.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve Service

"I wonder as I wander out under the sky, how Jesus the savior did come for to die, for poor only people like you and like I." (traditional)

Christmas Eve

It's Christmas Eve! Yeah.

I took PTO today and it's been the best thing in the world. I slept til almost 9a.m.! Made myself a breakfast of farm fresh eggs with some Pillsbury croissants. I've piddled 'round the house, gathered up gifts and what-not, and played my all time favorite Christmad c.d.: Kenny & Dolly, Once Upon A Christmas. It's a sound track from a cheesy television special. The cd is a treasured gift. Not that it's a super great gift, but that it had to be hard to track down several years ago when I received it from a friend who picked up on an of the cuff remark about a memory of the show.

I've gone out to Big Lots and spent more money I did not need to spend. And I've called my oldest nephew and with the joy of a child's voice he answered the phone "YOU'RE STAYING THE NIGHT HERE!" Moments like that, I'm thrilled to be an uncle.

(Right this moment, Hard Candy Christmas is on). "Me, I"ll be just fine and dandy . . . . "

Church service at 5p.m. and I'm looking forward to it, followed by supper with Skeeter & Noodle, Sass & Spyder (someday I'll bother to learn how to do a hyperlink). I think they're having some plumbing drama over there. We always have a Mexican Christmas eve.

Inspired by my friend Red's recent successful trip to her home, I'm going to do my hardest to keep good karma in my heart and stay at my parents until Friday morning. Let's all keep our fingers crossed.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Boys Night

Last night was an unexpected Boys Night. Sissy (Noodle) had to work and I volunteered to keep Spyder. We were sansa Sass who was at a sleepover. So Spyder and I left the bookstore headed for some supper, when Skeeter called saying he was getting off work and hungry. I asked if he wanted some pizza and he did and we kinda hit a pizza jackpot. Skeeter wanted 3 slices, which I realized was one dollar less than a small. So I ordered him a small, and they made him a medium by accident. So he won the pizza jackpot.

Skeeter offered movie night, and we went for the class first Indiana Jones. Nothing like the classic scenes in that movie. Plus I had picked up a big bag of cheesy puffs. No finer food in the world than cheesy puffs.

It was an unexpected Boys Night, but a very good sorta surprise night.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Juice Newton

When I got home last night, MyFella was here. He told me when I was about 20 minutes out, I suppose. Seems he had a seminar to attend in town today, and he thought he'd surprise me.

It was the sweetest thing.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Car Shopping

Did I tell you I'm doing a little car shopping? With over 226,000 miles on my 2001 Nissan, it seemed about time. I really like my current car, I enjoy it's paid-off-ness, and it's been dependable and roomy. Dependability is starting to wane a little bit. And there's about 3 things wrong with it that I see as signs of more to come, rather than just three things.


Chorizo Sausage & Cheese

You know that cheesy skillet of sausage and stuff at every Mexican restaurant? Well, I fell in love with it at one of those cookie-cutter Mexican places, and then realized I hadn't ever, in all the years I've been going there, ordered it at my favorite place.

So last night, starving, I went in there with that on my mind. The restaurant was full-up, people at every table and covering the bar. Yeah for them, a full house. I couldn't have been happier. I ordered my food to go, and since I live all of 60 seconds from the restaurant, was on my way.

Uh, yeah...don't ever order that to go. I ended up with a big congealed glop of cheese. Microwaving only seemed to make it a hot glop of cheese.

There's a lesson learned.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

I knew it.

As I stood there in my hometown, in my parents church, with my boyfriend behind me and the last girl I ever dated in front of me, I knew I would not introduce them.

And I knew that I would later post a blog.