Saturday, February 21, 2009

borrowed from a letter to B.H.

Well, you know my sorta friend, the blonde that used to sell radio advertising to me. Last week I went to see her husband "K" out at the Ford place on Houston Levee Road. And we looked around and talked a lot, but I just didn't find anything. And my problem was (was, not is, because now I have a car) is that when I bought the Nissan Pathfinder, I was making $X~K. I eventually got up to $Y~K, before plummeting to $V~K. (and thankful to have the $V~k!) And that decline of at least $10K, if not $30K, has caused me to make a whole lotta lotta changes. (i.e., I don't have cable, I may go to Molly's once a month now and order a sandwich instead of 3 times a week ordering fajitas, etc.). Plus I know that I am working at a place that continues to make lay offs, etc. and I wanted to have a reasonable chance of surviving on unemployment for a little while if it all falls apart. While I don't think they're about to lay me off, no one ever has any assurances.

So there I was. Needing a car. Wanting the biggest, prettiest thing that my little eyes could see. But not able to afford it. I told myself and told myself that I would be ok with something like a Nissan Versa. Only every time I sat in one, I just kinda wanted to cry. But with the Pathfinder at over 230,000 miles, it was well past time to do something. I just no longer felt like I needed to be on the road in it as much as I am.

So, "K" really didn't have what I wanted, but he told me his Dad owns the two Landers down on Goodman Road. And since I'd been looking out at Nissan on Covington Pike, I thought what the heck. I've got two friends who have bought from there and liked it. And did I mention that "K"'s granddaddy used to own a lot in my hometown way way back in the day. I can remember Daddy buying a 1976 Pontiac Ventura from them. And he held on to that car for over a decade and gave me keys to it. So I thought it was kinda like giving business to friends, if I could.

But I know I can't make a deal. I am so not good at dealing with myself. So I had Ruby Haired Princess drop me off there on the way home from work, and I asked Bubbles (the bankruptcy attorney) to meet me there. When I got there, she had a found a Versa that DID NOT EVEN HAVE A RADIO and it had CRANK WINDOWS! Who knew they made cars with a roll up window anymore? And without a radio? Come on, please. So the salesman steered us towards a pre-owned Dodge that was probably the size of a Sentra. Nice 4 door sedan. With all the accoutrements that he knew I wanted. Poor fella had to sell to two of us at a time. From there, we went to a pre owned, one owner Nissan Sentra. 18,000 miles. Shiny brick red.

So that's when "the manager" stepped in to wheel and deal. Bubbles flat told him I needed a note at a specific amount a month, and she would not finance it crazy long. She told him that she had to know if something happened, I could make the note. He said, "I've got a Versa for you." She said, "He's already turned that down." (Well, come on. It didn't even have a radio!)

So he went away and came back and said he would give more on my trade-in sight-unseen, if I would drop the gap insurance and add six more months on the note. Then he acted all mad because I hadn't driven it yet. The sales guy said the manager gets mad if he's dealing and you haven't driven it. So we went to drive it.

I had this vision of my friend Michelle. Right out of college she bought a jeep and laughed because she got in it and squeeled "DADDY! I LOVE IT!" and her daddy said, "You're not supposed to say that in front of the salesman." I got in this shiny red Sentra, cranked it up and said, "Bubbles, you've got a problem. I LOVE THIS CAR!"

So a little bit later, I've signed all the documents. The next morning I drove down with the Pathfinder and got the Sentra. I had to give them $13 because I could not find the title. I swore I never got it. Then I said if I had it, it's in the glovebox. Both the finance guy and Bubbles both about jumped. (Who knew you could forge ownership of a car with the title, were it stolen with the title in the glove box?) But turns out I don't have it.

So anyway. I have my shiny red car. And I really, really like it!

Friday, February 20, 2009

He's coming in 12:30 flight

Shes coming in 12:30 flight
The moonlit wings reflect the stars that guide me towards salvation
I stopped an old man along the way
Hoping to find some long forgotten words or ancient melodies

Actually he's coming in more like 1:30p.m. And we're not near Africa. He's just about the best guy pal any guy could want, and he's wanting to spend his birthday weekend here. So Red is driving up, he's flying in, and the weekend will be all about him.

I'm giddy as a school boy, looking forward to the return of one of my best friends. I've probably only had a handful of real honest-to-goodness guy pals, and fewer still who are gay. One of them, I'm told, doesn't count since apparently being a dyke lesbian means she's actually a woman. Whatever. Anyway, the moment I heard he was coming back in, I called dibbs on the airport pick up. Me, me, me!

And since I bought a car tonight, (thanks to the wheeling and dealing of Bubbles), I get to pick him up in my brand new, shiny red car. It's going to be a very good weekend!