Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Saving Water

In response to some internet article about saving electricity, I emailed a friend of mine yesterday who works for a utility company. I provide the following information as a public service announcement:

Her response:

More importantly is your use of water. You should turn it off while washing your dishes, brushing your teeth or washing your face. Some say you should take navy showers where you turn the shower on to get wet then turn it off while you lather up and turn it back on to rinse. They say nothing about navy men in the shower with you.

A friend's response:

Dang! This advice was sounding good until I read the last sentence! :(

Her response again:

They don’t say you CAN’T have them in the shower with you.

Viral Emails

You know that horrible phrase where you say something like "Arguing over X is" . . . ."is like running in the special olympics. You might win, but you're still retarded."

That's how I felt yesterday. Lately I've gotten so balled up over receiving those mass forwarded, viral emails, that I've gone nuts with long diatribe replies. Built arguments in my head, framed them around phrases, contemplated words, and sent them off. And ticked off a couple of three people that . . .well, you know, it just didn't really matter all that much.

One of them even phrased it thinking I would realize she was asking me (or someone) to double check it on snopes because snopes is blocked at her work site. I didn't read that into it, so I just let loose.

I really do wish people would check on snopes or factorfiction or something first. I think if you don't, you run the risk of just telling lies and taking part in hate. But if they don't, I need to take a breath and calm down before ripping out emails.

Calm is my mantra today. Oh, and I'm going to try and not go to that group at all today. I need a self imposed day off. I made some apologies last night. Hope that's enough.

On a related note, I've about decided that those viral emails probably weren't written by anyone for or against a candidate. I think they were probably written by the same type of people who write viruses and send them out. They just want to stir up drama in people like I did. It's just viral and ugly.

Sunday, October 19, 2008


OMG, that first episode of Torchwood was fabulous! The blowfish letting the old lady pass on the crosswalk, the tension between Jack and his old lover, the tension between Jack and Ianto, all of it just a double cross. The good humor in British style was spot on.

It's like cold water on a hot day.

Thank you, BBC. Thank you.

After reading an opinion posted on line about Torchwood, I'm second guessing myself. I'm bad about doing that sometimes. But usually only on things that don't really matter. So now I'm wondering if the first episode of season 2 was really any good or not. Did I really enjoy the homo-banter, or did I prefer it when it was much better hid and stealthy? Was the outrageous kissing really necessary, or any part of this world? Was it ever a scary story, or did I know from the start that this guy would double cross them? Maybe it wasn't all that good.


After watching episode 2, I'm really confused. I think it was a little better. But somehow, I knew all along that the young alien lady would find a way to kill herself to save her humanity. I did like the one little when Ianto said, "He is dashing." and everyone sorta agreed. I kind of thought it was funny.

Sigh. I just don't know.


I've watched "To the last man" and loved the writing thoroughly. The "one morning" music is modern but haunting. The play between Toshiko & Tommy is drawn out nicely. Her conflicts seem normal in an unnormal situation. Oddly enough, the only thing I did not like is the kissing between Jack & Ianto. It seems oddly anti-climactic and a let-down. All the play, the subtletly, the tension, gone in a clumsy kiss. Just too something.

Oh well.

"One Of These Mornings"

One of these mornings
Won't be very long
You will look for me
And I'll be gone


OMG, that first episode of Torchwood was fabulous! The blowfish letting the old lady pass on the crosswalk, the tension between Jack and his old lover, the tension between Jack and Ianto, all of it just a double cross. The good humor in British style was spot on.

It's like cold water on a hot day.

Thank you, BBC. Thank you.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Prayer Breakfast

This morning, during the weekly meeting of a civic organization to which I belong . . . . . a man is saying the opening prayer . . . . . . . and I'm looking through the crowd at a man I've known for years. . . . and I'm thinking 'I would so do you.'

Is it wrong to think dirty thoughts during prayer? Or more specifically, is it more wrong to think them during a prayer?

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Found on MySpace!

I signed up for MySpace and Facebook for the singular, sole purpose of networking with people from high school. I'm not sure why, I haven't gone back to my alma mater once, nor have I attended any class reunions. But most of my Facebook & MySpace 'friends' are originally from high school. It's changing some, but that was the purpose.

In doing some of my blogs on here, I wrote on here, and if I thought the story was funny or interesting, I might click/copy/paste it over.

Yeah. See. That whole "to be gay" or "not to be gay" thing, I don't care to go into that with people I haven't actually seen since 1987 (count those years, 1987) or co-workers. And this blog, like so many other people's blogs, is sorta secretive. Not real secretive, I understand, but sorta. Names are usually changed to protect the innocent, that kind of thing.

I accidentally click/copy/pasted a friggin' link.

Found by my MyFella's neice. . . . . . . . . who didn't know he is gay. . . . . and dating me . . . . .

I think he took it better than me, rushing to get home to figure out howthahellidmanagedthat! Sheesh. I've deleted the link and figured out how it happened. Silly me, I guess I just don't understand a damned thing about html coding and all that crap.

But now, my blog's been found. MyFella's swearing he only read one or two postings and he did not keep the address in his history or anything. But still, it's found.

So I'm considering what to do. To keep or not to keep? Close it out and call it a day? Keep posting like it never happened and believe him when he says he didn't keep the link? I don't know. I'm not gonna lose a lot of sleep over it. I mean, the bigger picture is he got outed to his niece. Surely my heart break over blog-exposure isn't that big a deal in comparison. But I liked being able to write about my experiences with him, without him being able to see them. Wistful sigh.

I dunno.

Country Song

Another morning after a crazy night before
I'm searchin' for my blue jeans on a stranger's bedroom floor
Well, shouldn't I feel guilty well I don't feel a thing
I'd wake her up and say goodbye, but I can't recall her name

Now that's a country song!

Randy Hauser/Anything Goes

Saturday, October 11, 2008


OK, so here's my problem: Having waited months and months for Torchwood to come out on dvd/Netflix, it's finally here! The problem? I learned my lesson (maybe?) with the most recent season of Stargate: Atlantis and the last season I watched of MI-5.

You see, Torchwood (and I'm sooooo thinking ahead to Dr. Who, on my Netflix list and showing it will pop up in November! YEAH!) and other shows play off a subtle weaving of emotions week to week. With Dr. Who & Torchwood, there's often just something at the end that's left you wanting more. . . a sad ending, a happy ending, a curious ending, a two-parter. SOMETHING! And you find yourself positively moist with anticipation by the time a week passes and the next episode comes on. That makes it sort of like tantric-t.v.

But what do you do when you can, quite literally, wait for MONTHS AND MONTHS and then, if you work your Netflix que right, complete the ENTIRE SEASON IN LIKE A DAY, or a weekend! Then, what do you do for like the next FULL YEAR! aaaaggghhhhh!

I guess I could watch one episode, return the dvd, and put it right back on my que. Or force myself to watch only one dvd and wait a week in between. But you know a regular series stretches out something like, what jeeze, weeks and weeks and weeks?

Sigh. The first dvd is here now. What to do, what to do?

Youthful Phrases

as shared with me by two of the four siblings of The 4 Children that I love so much.

"Flexitarian." When you want to be vegetarian, but you're just too poor too afford it. As in, at work, a friend says, "Hey. I'm not going to eat all this sub sandwich. You want half?" or "Hey. We're cooking out tonight. Want to come over?" and really, it's your best chance for a meal that your poor-butt best not turn it down.

"Heterosexual Life Partner." Young straight men, when "BFF" just isn't enough.

Advice on dating: "It's good to be the cuter one. It gives you all kinds of power." Followed up by "I've never dated anyone cuter than me. Well, I'm pretty cute and I never dated anyone who had more cuteness potential than me. Like, he may have tried harder to be cute, and sometimes I'm kind of grubby, so it kind of equaled out. But I always had more cuteness potential."

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Shining Star!

I just received an employee award for community service! It sounds cheesy, but I'm so excited! They came in my office (while I was typing a personal email to MyFella) clapping and carrying on, and said I had won a shining star for my service to the nursing home. A friend-girl co-worker 'V' nominated me.

I thought it was odd that one of my employees had asked me if I would be here at 11 because someone wanted to call back and talk about groups for 2009, but you know my clients can be so odd that I really didn't over think that.

I've got a new name badge with little stars on it that says "Shining Star of the Quarter Community Service" and I get a primo parking spot for 3 months (THREE MONTHS!) because it's a quarterly award, and I got a little check (going straight to November rent!). And when they have the next employee luncheon, I think I get a little statue thing.

How cool huh? You know, I'm usually so "over" so much stuff. But this has just made my day. I'm so like "This is the best place to work EVER!"

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Halloween wishes

It's a shame, but it's the truth. Every time I pass the adult costume rack at Target, I stop. Flip through and find it. . . run my fingers on the fabric. . . look at the size and the price and sigh wistfully before walking away.